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Boudoir-photography- So, you’ve finally decided to get a boudoir session with yourself and/or your partner. Perhaps you hesitated a bit at the beginning, or perhaps you’ve always been open minded and knew that you wanted to do this for a long time. Whatever the case may be it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for your session by doing a bit of research on what to expect and more importantly to talk to your photographer to get a sense of what the session will be like once it is show time. By knowing what to expect you can feel more confident that the results will be amazing.

A boudoir photo session is considered by some to be the ultimate romantic gift. Consider showering your significant other with notes, flowers or chocolates prior to bringing up the idea. Maybe take him or her for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant or simply spend some time with him or her getting an idea of what their reaction will be. Since I’ll assume you know what your partner acts like you can get a basic idea of what their reaction will be once you’ve brought up the idea.

The term boudoir comes from the French language and was used to refer to a lady’s private chamber or room. The term has evolved to represent a type of sensual photography that it is done in a private setting with the aim to raise a person’s confidence or to use the photographs as a gift for a loved one. Some people even do it to brag or simply to have a fun time while raising their confidence and having a whole evening to themselves where they feel sexy and confident without fear of reprisal or self-consciousness.

If you and your partner have decided to do a couples’ session make sure to find a photographer that makes you both feel confident and secure. Discuss the possibility of doing the shoot in a private setting if privacy is a concern and get an idea of what might work for you in front of the lens. You don’t necessarily have to mindlessly listen to your photographer and listen to every indication he gives. By giving him your creative input, a professional photographer who is well educated in boudoir photography should be able to gauge what your expectations are and he should also know whether or not he will be able to meet these expectations.